Being a Nursery, the focus is on interactive sessions where kids are encouraged to communicate and interact with their peers and teachers. We give major emphasis on development of the communication and social skills and provide a stimulating environment for kids to work together with other children. Interacting with other children means learning how to wait, how to take turns, how to listen and how to express. These social skills are critical for developing personality.


For kids on the upper age range we do start academics suitable for their age. The teaching methods are a combination of board based written explanations, oral explanations, use of various colorful charts and practical demonstrations wherever applicable. We also show various educational videos for better clarity of concepts.


7Since it is an early stage of learning for kids we do not pressurize them by pushing the pace of learning that will be difficult to manage by them. Since each individual is different, we provide a flexible rate of information flow for each kid. The education becomes fun only when the kid is able to grasp what is explained, without exerting excessive mental pressure.


The secret of excellent teaching is governed not by the efforts to ‘make children learn things’, but by the attempt to keep burning their ‘desire to learn things’.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]