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We are very happy that we chose Springfield Nursery as kids have fun and they enjoy learning new things. Teachers are very co-operative and interactive. Happy to be a part of Springfield family.


We are very happy that we chose Springfield Nursery as kids have fun and they enjoy learning new things. Teachers are very co-operative and interactive. Happy to be a part of Springfield family.


We are really happy about our decision of making our child join The Springfield Nursery, Doha. In a short while itself, our son has learnt a lot. He is no longer shy and tries to answer questions readily. He is always ready to go to school, which is very encouraging to see. The teachers at the Nursery are really caring and take real good care of him. We are assured that our son is in good hands. We thank The Springfield Nursery, Doha and its teachers for such an encouraging environment.


Since joining The Springfield Nursery my daughter has developed in so many ways. The nursery has a fun and bright environment and I think it provides the backdrop for more effective learning. We are very happy with the teaching she has received and her learning experience. The Springfield Nursery has a very experienced and co-operative staff, who are caring and professional and whom the children respond well to. Our daughter has improved socially and academically. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to going into nursery everyday. Thanks to each and every member of The Springfield Nursery for making my child's nursery experience amazing.


Date: 21-05-17
Suggestions & Feedback to TSN Wakra 22
Dear TSN Wakra first of all we as a parent of Vedant Pawar would like to convey our thanks for the best guidance and development given to our kid to the level best required for kick starting the schooling with kindergarten studies.
We appreciate the TSN for creating the best environment, infrastructure and the wonderful curriculum designed for the toddlers which has enabled my kid to get involved, becoming a team player and learned a many things starting from self-confidence, reading, writing, command on English speaking, vocabulary development, Creative skills & enthusiasm towards learning. To recall from our past experience, my daughter who has completed full three years with Springfield starting from Pre Kg until completion of KG-2 we were very much satisfied and based on that only we have decided to enroll our 2nd kid to TSN Wakra for better development.
Besides all other good things, we would like to mention that the curriculum designed is very excellent and advance which helps to prepare kids very well in advance and make them prepare to compete in any entrance test for getting admissions in Grade 1.
Our only suggestion to TSN is that sibling’s reference should be considered for the ex-Springfield students also for getting admission if possible. Since we have tried to ask for the same for our kid’s admission in Springfield kindergarten but were denied to be considered.
We wish TSN all the best for the many more success in future and continue the same success story. We would be more than happy to recommend TSN for the better preparation and development of toddlers.
Parents of
Vedant Pawar
Batch of 2016-2017

Vijay Pawar   

Springfield nursery has been the best choice for my son and would recommend this to all moms.

The teachers were very encouraging and patient towards him. I always received timely nursery updates and news pertinent to my child. He was always given full attention & care being a food allergic.

I have seen him grooming and all thanks to his teacher that he is loving to go to school each morning though he still miss his nursery teacher Mam Diana ALOT!!! special Thanks To Mam Diana..

I will like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You for all the love and care’ to all the Springfield Nursery staff including Teachers and Assistants and wish them best of luck.

Abdulla's Parents.

Aasia Ali   

The Springfield Nursery has given my child a great start to his school life. Professional, skilled and at the same time friendly staff have given the necessary beginning a four year old needed. Not only have they given him the academic start also helped him in his social life, I should say. My son likes his class teacher so much, he didn’t want to go to Kindergarten since she wouldn’t be there. The experience we had with the Springfiled Nursery made it easier for us in making a decision to continue with Springfield Kindergarten.

Great job TSN!

Dinesh Kumaralingam   

We heard about the reputation of Springfield Nursery and now we have tried it. They have the best staff who are very friendly
and very patient with the children especially at the first weeks of joining the nursery until the children settle in.
Prithviraj spent a really nice time among his big family at nursery. For me the big step was when
he started to love nursery and he says “let’s go to it” even on the weekends.
This means he really feels like nursery is his home and he feels safe there.
He has gained a lot from nursery in terms of learning new fabulous things and uses his initiative.
What I like is that the staff are very professional and so helpful. They motivate kids to learn a lot.
I am so proud of the nursery – I would recommend to everyone.

priti pillai   

I am extremely happy to send my kid to The Springfield Nursery. The teachers have really taken care of my 2.8 yr old kid. He is so eager to go to the Nursery everyday.Thanks for all the support and care that he gets there.I would suggest every parent to send their kids to this Nursery.


Springfield Nursery is a model nursery with excellent facilities and standards. I recommend it to all the parents.

Jeevan Tomson